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Operations & Administration

Student Success is at the heart of Qurio, it's what makes us a platform that saves you time, gets things organised and keeps you informed. It's why using Qurio will move you from Admin Office to Info Hub.
Define what success looks like at your campus. With tools that help you set benchmarks, track performance and signal interventions.

Academic Administration

  • Registration
  • Student Success
  • Student Interventions
  • Integration API

Marks Administration

  • e-Assessments
  • Paper-scan to e-Assessment
  • Course Schedules & Class-lists
  • Integration API
A space where you can seize the workday.
Register students at your campus, remotely and in real-time.
Student Success
Define success and benchmark: Retention, Graduation, Completion and Goals. Track performance and signal Interventions as required.
Identify students at risk and trigger mitigation workflows to manage outcomes relating to Attendance, Performance, Admin and Curriculum.
Publish memos & share tests. Mark e-Assessments in real-time. View results via reports and our student portal. *Optional: Paper-scan to e-Assessment
Class-lists, Schedules,
Course Catalogue
Assessments are linked to class-lists, schedules and course info. Student results feed student success, goals & interventions.
Reporting & Analytics
Track trends, profile stakeholders, manage risk, monitor workflow, raise exceptions and audit outcomes.
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