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University of the Western Cape.

A connected Campus.


Plug-in to The Whole Solution.

The Administrative and operational demand of the ‘Student to Graduate’ process is significant for universities. The University of the Western Cape (UWC) wanted parts of their Academic Admin solution optimised for their 25,000 plus students.

UWC faced the following challenges:
- On any given day, a UWC admin will mark 500 to 5000 paper based MCQ tests or exams via a dedicated scanner.
- All scripts are marked centrally at the Student Admin Office.
- In addition about 100 000 written assessment results are manually captured per month by the faculties.
- For the most part, the process is manual and there are many person-to-person information transfer points.
- A spike in volumes requires more marking time and increases a risk of bottlenecks, missed deadlines & inaccuracy.

So, UWC turned to Qurio’s Marks Admin and Academic Admin Solution. Qurio offers UWC scale, access, simplicity and can be used on and off campus.

The goal

Scale, Simplify & Share as a Community

To optimise the solution several criteria had to be considered. Remove dependencies, by rolling the solution out to faculties and making it accessible from anywhere. Remove the negative impact of a spike in user or script volumes, on the time required to deliver results. Automate MCQs via both an e-Assessment option & a paper-scan to e-Assessment option. Automate ‘results capture’ via a result-sheet scan. Sync assessment schedules, class-lists, courses and post operational results via integration point to university admin database.

Put another way – define each process with just a few key steps, automate workflow, enable task sharing between employees and seamless solution integration.

The approach

How UWC Connected their Campus with Qurio

Students are registered via the platform at the beginning of each academic year. Student registrations are kept up to date as students transfer faculties, change enrollment curricula and graduate.
Registrations are linked to modules via a course catalogue. All assessments are linked to a schedule and assessment results are published to a class-list.
The faculty admin, student office admin or lecturer publishes a memo to be used for marking & scoring tests online.
Students can answer the answer the e-assessment option via mobile phone, tablet or PC. On submit the assessment is marked.
Students can also answer via paper MCQ sheets. A bulk scan to Qurio converts these sheets to a digital set of answers that are marked as an e-Assessment.
Assessment results are posted to the UWC admin database. Student info relating to curriculum, course catalogue, class-lists and assessment schedule are also kept in sync via seamless integration.
Data, feedback and analytics that set you up for Student Success. Student results, audit reports, exception reports and the ability to identify students at risk offer a big picture view.

The outcome

"A-plus" Results!

Seamless Scale
- Spikes in user or assessment volumes have no impact delivery time or results.
- Qurio is available to all faculties, on and off campus – from anywhere
- Tasks can be shared between employees
- Seamless integration and sync of academic admin data.
- Each process is reduced to a few key steps – simplified to improve success.
- Productivity benefits via automation.
- Upgrades to UWC office scanners for the ‘paper-scan to e-Assessment’ option - via Qurio’s scan server software.

The clarity of a bigger picture – analytics and reporting for student success.

A Connected campus – making real progress, where data flows completely and results are delivered within a few key steps, as useful information to its students and employees.

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