Client story
The Perfect Blend of Testing and Assessment.
How Ciro Roast their Baristas.


Insights Start with Questions.

Ciro Coffee Academy is a public training provider in the coffee industry, and the first in South Africa to offer the internationally accredited certificate in Barista Skills (City & Guilds).

Ciro faced two challenges:
- How do we test and assess people who are situated in various geographic locations?
- How do we ensure that we simple and efficient way to test and assess our trainees when new coffee information comes out?

Not only did we assist them in answering these two questions, but we also provided them with a digital testing and assessment solution that reduced the time and cost involved in testing their trainees. A delightful solution that gave them significantly more than they bargained for.

The solution

How Ciro's Training, Research and Development Manager uses Qurio.

She creates simple tests and quizzes on her Qurio account based on their course material.
Once created she sends out instructions to all trainees via SMS or email who then complete the qurio on their devices (tablet, phone, or computer)
Once submitted, Qurio automatically marks the answers and the provides her with instant analytics on how the trainees are performing. Instant never tasted better!

The outcome

Ground-breaking results

Created a reusable bank of tests, quizzes and surveys

Training hundreds of baristas each month as part of an ongoing national program, run in three cities

Decreased time consuming administration

No more pen and paper, marking, photocopying or faxing

A growth in the number of staff participating in these assessments

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