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Big Concerts. Big Insights.


Insights Start with Questions.

In the entertainment industry it’s crucial to know what concert goers think of the experience – everything from purchasing tickets, finding seats, queueing for food and what the sound quality was like.

Big Concerts, who bring the biggest and best music acts to South Africa, decided to start measuring these vital stats in order to amplify future experiences.

By asking important questions through Qurio, Big Concerts was able to get feedback from customers while the experience was still top-of-mind.

The goal

Simplify and streamline the feedback process.

Big Concerts wanted meaningful feedback quickly and consistently across their concerts in a way that removes the admin, cost and resource intensity of tradtional methods of data gathering. They also wanted to be able to compare responses across different events to pick up trends over time. It was also paramount for the feedback experience to be simple and painless for the concert goers.

The approach

How Big Concerts got it right with Qurio

We advised our client on what questions to ask and then created valuable, measurable and easy to answer questions with the Qurio web app.
Big Concerts emailed a link to the questions to all concert goers, who then answered the questions from their own mobile phone, tablet or computer.
Once the responses had finished coming in, we exported the data and built detailed, customised reports.

The outcome

Rocking Results!

Thousands of responses per concert, providing Big Concerts with valuable feedback to take back to their suppliers and partners, used to enhance the concert going experience.

Approximately 75% of surveys submitted provide insightful, anonymous free text feedback, enabling Qurio to pick up additional trends and insights via sentiment analysis.

Foster engagement via the feedback loop, by growing and maintaining the Big Concerts Fan Club.

Thousands of concert goers are able to interact and engage with Big Concerts in a way that wasn’t possible before.

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